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What's new in JaveSE 8

[2014-03-21 Fri 19:00] speaker: Lee Chuk Munn, Institute of System Science event: Friday Hacks, NUS Hackers ** ambitious plans after Java SE 6 Modularity, Lambda, invokedynamic, etc too many moving parts ** decided to release what is ready as Java SE 7 in 2011 ** reached limit of libraries for concurrency concurrent code looks different from serial code, wants to close the syntactic gap lambda uses invokedynamic ** interface are set in stone adding a new method, requires recompiling all the classes default method overcomes this limitation able to add new capabilities to old interface ** composable streams does not modify the source able to achieve LINQ like DSL using lambdas ** dynamic languages on the JVM Java calling into script - add dynamic scripting Script calling into Java - prototyping, repl store config files as JS ** invokedynamic custom boostrap method to generate CallSite for a method call VM able to optimize and cache future method calls ** profiles subset of full API with lower memory requirements javac -profile compact1 jdeps -P commercial embedded Java in compact profile can be downeded from Oracle

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