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Using Trac/SVN

Script for Trac/SVN demo to RAS Group


Group member

Trac/SVN is an integrated solution for project management. The basic tools provided by Trac include the following

Revision control (subversion)

  • Purpose: maintain different versions of project files\
  • Usage: subversion client, access via http protocol\
  • Demo: show how to check out/commit

Source browser

  • Purpose: allows viewing of repository online\
  • Usage/Demo: browse repository, show diff between changesets\


  • Purpose: for documentation, notes\
  • Usage/Demo: built-in docs (help), edit, attach files\

Roadmap (Milestones), Tickets

  • Purpose: project milestones, task tracking\
  • Usage/Demo: how to create/edit milestone, tickets (states, comments)\


  • Purpose: log of activities on the system\

Additional plugins provided on the ras-5 installation are:

Tags for labeling of pages (used by blog plugin)

Discussion for discussion forum

Blog to show a list of pages with the same tag

Project owner

Permissions: granting/removing permissions, permission groups

Project components: add/remove components

Versions: add/remove versions

Trac admin

Creating a new trac/svn instance (automatically via admin script)

Removing a trac/svn instance (manual, need root access)

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