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Uncovering the architecture of coordinated gene expression

CREATED: 200810300303 Speaker: Rohan Williams, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University ** Motivation

  • coordinated gene expression
  • co-control, co-regulation, co-expression, co-functionality
  • gene set approach: find motifs enriched in groups of genes of interest
  • shared control approach (this talk) ** Coordinated gene expression from Shared Control
  • measure shared control using jaccard co-efficient
  • hierarchical clustering based on complete-linkage: 2577 clusters, 2478 non-singletons
  • measure of cluster stability using method of Hennig, CSDA 2005
  • cluster properties: #genes, tissue specificity, #chromosomes, functional enrichment (P < 0.05) ** Regulatory variation in gene expression
  • mapped to quantitative trait loci
  • correlation of genetic variation (measure by markers) and gene expression variation
  • cis-acting variant (local), trans-acting variant (distinct)
  • recent human eQTL studies suggests that cis-variants are far more detectable than trans-variants

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