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** The future so far software substituting for mechanism software is free to copy, physical mechanism is expensive to copy physical buttons become virtual touch buttons reduce cost and complexity of circuits palm pilot enabled p2p decentralized communication data are no longer in the computers, the computers are in the data WIMP -> digital literacy ** The next mountain *** device fungibilty build markets empower users *** information liquidity ability to flow freely to where it is needed packets == shipping containers no standard container at higher level *** cyberspace of digital objects uuid for digital objects URL (location) != id of a place ** Platform and UI *** yesterday platform is hardware for applications (data silos) *** today browser is platform, text oritented, server -> client *** tomorrow information centric instead of app centric composibility of apps ** Tyranny of the orthodoxy increased flakiness, frustration of computerize products complexity cliff corporate clouds, services come and go no software engineering standard, “anyone can play” sofware closer to literature than manufacturing ** How does Nature does it internet of plants, p2p, redundancy beutiful complexity

  • hierarchy
  • modularity
  • redundancy
  • generativity ** How design does it humanized information, VCR 12:00 draw what you mean things (engineering) – design – people (social) ** Design science objective design principles to be discovered interaction “physics” - consistency user experience is emergent property of all products command centric -> application centric -> document centric -> information centric wizard-of-oz prototyping, IoT tweets via sticky notes *** physical contenxt
  • place, region
  • floor, room
  • topological *** device context
  • service discovery
  • p2p
  • code/app device awareness *** information context
  • data flow from device to device
  • replication
  • what are the info objects, which device contain them ** Architecture as organic principle as model as style information architecture eg structure of a book: chapter, index, etc ** Life in an information ecology *** life forms (devices)
  • process information
  • information arch, device arch
  • environment is human culture *** resilency redundancy diversity stochasic processes *** publisher vouching for author aggreator of trust *** pyramid few dev – several scripters – many user each level empowers the next ** Aspects of tomorrow local data, peer 2 peer smaller, simpler hardware components devices will be cheaper information commons, uuid publishing as signing ** Epilogue cheap, simple, devices microtransactions information visualization

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