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The Skillful Teacher

CREATED: 200812260350 Author: Stephen D. Brookfield

Chief themes of the book

be clear about the purpose of your teaching

** fostering critical thinking, sense of agency

reflect on your own learning

** rhythms of learning ** resistance to learning

be wary of standardized models and approaches

expect ambiguity

remember that perfection is impossible

** teaching is ultimately about helping students to learn

research you students’ backgrounds

** want students to see learning as relevant and connected to their lives

attend to how students experience learning

** get regular feedback from students

talk to your colleagues

trust your instincts

create diversity

take risks

** importance of true teachable moments ** good educational experience is like good conversations

recognize the emotionality of learning

acknowledge your personality

don’t evaluate only by students’ satisfaction

** much of the relevance is not appreciated by students until much later

balance support and challenge

** listen to and acknowledge sudents’ voices

recognize the significance of your actions

** your actions will be closely scrutinized for messages students think they contain

view yourself as a helper of learning

** helping students to diagnose their difficulties

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