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Teleport, an intelligent routing service

[2015-04-17 Fri 19:00] speaker: Mathieu Feulvarch event: Friday Hacks, NUS Hackers ** movies are legally available only in certain countries need to negotiate per country money goes to the publisher ** why not vpn? it is per device, messy to setup expensive, hard to optimize/scale for ISPs have to deal with certificates ** teleport = DNS manipulation + proxy cache in US faimilar technologies to ISPs, ISPs love caching, saves costs DNS for, resolves to proxy server only proxies what is neccessary to trick into thinking your are in US fragile, will break if hulu changes how it does country detection works only if parts that needs to “teleport” is on a separate domain ** netflix do not block vpn/teleport because it wants more customers but it need to appease the MPAA MyRepublic never received a letter to stop teleport less expensive than vpn, easier to maintain

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