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** Myth of the genius programmer *** show your work earlier to get feedback *** team communication more important than own office *** humility, respect, and trust are the key pillars *** good postmotem should have

  • brief summary
  • timeline of events
  • primary cause
  • impact and damage assesment
  • actions to fix problem immediately
  • actions to prevent problem from happening
  • lessons learned ** Building an awesome team culture *** need a good starter culture *** the misson statement *** efficient meetings - agenda, keep on track *** design doc ** Every boat needs a captain *** set clear goals *** avoid the compliment sandwich *** track happiness *** don’t forget positive feedback *** self directed vs scattered, excited vs bored ** Dealing with poisonous people *** not people, it is about behaviours *** redirect the energy of perfectionists *** look for facts in the bile *** focus on the long term ** The art of organizational manipulation *** sounding board colleagues to test ideas *** learn to manage upwards *** offensive vs defensive work A team should spend no more then 1/3 to 1/2 on defensive work *** three bullet points and a call to action ** Users are people too *** “Perception is nine-tenths of the law” *** pay attention to first impressions *** underpromise and overdeliver *** choose your audience - subversion vs git *** consider barrier to entry - emacs vs vi *** measure usage not users *** speed matters *** don’t be all things *** don’t be lazy by making the user choose *** hide complexity *** manage relationship with users - eg feedback *** create trust and delight - google doodles

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