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Software teams in global finance

[2014-08-08 Fri 12:09] speaker: T-Kiang Tan event: Hackers & Painters ** CTO of grasshopper proprietary trading firm 20 developer, about the same number of traders ** meetings

  • do I need to be there?
  • ask for an agenda
  • result? ** global finance trading has highest priority not software ** max team size 6 otherwise meetings take too long more complexity ** project duration 9 months in time for year end bonus ** connections loneliness < 25 < overwhelm

** project management enable direct communication between developers and subject matter experts understand technology and business requirements communicate with management ** thoughts on teams

  • mission statement
  • small releases
  • team structure
  • no deadlines ** top IT project list
  • trading
  • risk management
  • regulatory
  • research and development
  • market data
  • operations ** getting into this industry
  • get onto the approved vendors list, do first proj at a loss
  • good balance sheet
  • presentation ** money management is more important than trading strategy diversify your porfolio cap your losses

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