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CREATED: 200712310808 Speaker: David Low, 30th July 2007 ** Problem

  • input: program execution traces, sequences of methods being executed
  • nature of traces ** repetition (loops, recursion) ** multiple path ** pattern occur at arbitrary distance
  • output: set of iterative patterns occurring repeatedly in a sequence and in multiple traces
  • P ($p_1 p_2 … p_n$) is a pattern. SB is an instance of P if removal of symbols not occurring in P from SB gives P

** Existing work

  • freq and closed patterns
  • freq episode
  • message sequence chart, live sequence chart

** Properties of iterative pattern

  • if P is not freq then P ++ ev is not freq => use DFS (too many patterns)
  • extend to close patterns => remove non close patterns ASAP
  • prefix/infix/suffix extension, close iff no prefix/infix/suffix extension
  • pruning rules

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