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PyConSG Education summit 2022

Least squares regression for best fit line when doing physics experiments

  • by Tan Jing Long, Physics teacher, Temasek Junior College
  • two ways, one with scikit-learn (blackbox) another with streamlit which is more interactive
  • adjust slope/intercept and streamlit shows you the error

Streamlit to teach discrete random variables

  • by Dr Chen Weiqiang, Co-founder, BC Digital Technologies

Quantim computing, qiskit-textbook qiskit-blocks based on minetest

  • by Mr Vishal Sharathchandra Bajpe, Quantum Developer Community Advocate, IBM Quantum

Pi and Python by S S Goh

  • write psuedo-code first, then implement
  • 1 led, on, off, blink
  • 3 leds, traffic light pattern
  • cover debugging, different ways to resolve
  • pedestrian crossing
    • button, spam light, green man counter
  • sync traffic light and pedestrian crossing
  • burglar alarm with motion sensor

Teaching Python with CMU Academy

  • by Mr Tan Rui Yang & Mr Lam Yik Ting, Computing students, Dunman High School
  • using cmu_graphics to make it more interactive
  • create games like

TDD and pair programming

  • by Dr Oka Kurniawan, Senior Lecturer, Singapore University of Technology & Design
  • ping pong pairing
  • pytest and flask
  • url shortener project

Computing Project Ideas for High School Students

  • by Mr Ridzwan Suri, Computing teacher, Victoria Junior College
  • nifty assignments from SIGCSE

AWS for Edu

  • by Ricky Tan
  • cloud computer analogy with well to tap
    • high cost, fixed capacity, maintenance

Making interactive web apps with Brython

  • by Melvin Zhang

Using Computing to Teach AI

  • by Mr Gi Soong Chee, Teaching Fellow, National Institute of Education
  • example of using NLP to teach string processing

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