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Product analytics by Cedric Chin

[2014-01-17 Fri 18:58] Friday Hacks at Hackerspace NUS ** build a feedback loop ** useless metrics *** not actionable *** makes you feel good ** AARRR metrics Dave McClure *** acquisition *** activation *** retention *** referral - viral coefficient *** revenue focus on activation and retention at the start ** Activation what is an active user? *** create a funnel sign up - verify email - key activity - active user *** multiple types of active users

  • casual users
  • core users *** types of users as a state machine growth hacking as shifting users to active ** Retention cohorts, active users in a certain week correlates with how much a user loves your product ** tension between user experience and growth ** aggregate is a lossy compression ** quantitative = what? qualitative = why? ** how do you know what you believe is true? ** data isn’t enough need to be part of development cycle to drive product decision ** organizational process is the other generate hypotheses of why feature change cause metrics change triage base on ease of verification and value to company ** test the hypotheses
  • user testing
  • contact users/user interviews
  • A/B testing

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