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Major problems are sociological and not technical

Quota for error, no such thing as a people store, ought this be done?

People under pressure don’t work better, they just work faster

Quality is a means to higher productivity

Parkinson’s law almost certainly doesn’t apply to creative people. No estimate > System Analyst > Programming > Programmer + Supervisor > Supervisor (productivity vs estimate)

Managers’ function is not to make people work, but to make it possible for people to work

2-3 person offices with walls, doors, windows. Quiet (noise ~ density)

Portfolio, audition, judgement/reasoning

Jelled teams, purpose is not goal attainment but goal alignment

Open Kimono, delegate responsibility, natural authority

Cult of quality, lots of satisfying closure, sense of eliteness, heterogeneity, preserve and protect successful teams, provide strategic but not tactical decision

Pilot project - always change something

Making change possible

  • fundamental response to change is emotional not rational
  • people need to feel safe
  • change only has a chance of succeeding if failure is also ok

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