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Optimism, Pessimism, and Algorithms

date: [2021-09-17 Fri 19:00:00] event: Friday Hacks speaker: Seth Gilbert

Why didn’t we invent bitcoin earlier?

  • Lamport is a pessimist
  • Satoshi is an optimist

Accountable blockchain protocol

  • punishment instead of prevention
  • reduce resistant to attack, but log enough info to detect bad behavior
  • honest user can obtain evidence that proves bad behavior

Smoothed analysis of algorithms

  • Spielman Teng 2004
  • Why does the simplex method work so well?
  • Main idea:
    • Adversary choose worst-case input I
    • Add random noise I’ = (I + r)
    • Run algorithm on I’
  • Works when
    • bad cases are rare
    • bad cases are unstable

Dynamic networks

  • worst case results are bad
  • use smoothed analysis

AI that isn’t depressed

  • Bloom filter, no false negative, more space fewer false positives
  • NN classifier, probably right if it says yes, no output may be a false negative
  • Combine a bloom filter and NN classifier, BF -> NN -> BF
  • Combine the optimism of machine learning and pessimism of algorithms

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