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Matt Mullenweg Live

[2014-06-04 Wed 19:57] speaker: Matt Mullenweg, Automattic event: PHP User Group ** father did computer science ** bartered with musicians for music lessons setup computers or create websites ** b2/cafelog is the predecessor of wordpress ** first contribution is a regex to enhance the typography of blogs ** plugin and themes are key to wordpress’ popularity creates a community that extends wordpress difficult for new blogging software to replicate the plugin/themes ecosystem ** setup automattic to provided hosted wordpress and anti comment spam services ** going back to first principles users coming from movable type asked for multiple blogs, what they really want is pages ** misson is to democratise publishing wordpress mainly in english, low penetration in non-english speaking countries. providing language packs to solve this. ** asia trip currently only three employees in Asia, hopes to expand further in Asia in terms of more users. ** comparison with static site generators comments are out of band, may be more important than the post itself. ** wordpress security club vs lojack solutions, some of the best practices are club solutions. ** automattic’s mobile strategy API first, existing php developers learning mobile development. Ensure the websites work on all viewports.

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