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Massive multi node postgreSQL/BDR in Retail System

speaker: Julyanto Sutandang, Equnix Business Solutions event: FOSSASIA 2017

Requirements for POS

  • data collection from 3.4K POS terminals to head office
  • distribute new items to stores
  • distribute price updates to stores
  • POS can serve when network is down

Design of the system

  • POS can use flat files as it is sequential.
  • Sync from POS to store database
  • Sync from store database to head office database with BDR

Bi-directional replications, supporting multi master

  • store adds records from POS
  • head office adds items, update prices
  • 200 cluster, each cluster has one node in the store and one node in the head office

Realtime monitoring of replication status of each cluster, versioning of items

  • easier to monitor as BDR provides the stats

Not all objects are replicated

  • sequences
  • non database objects, eg role

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