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Kopi chat with Ray Chan, 9gag

[2014-06-12 Thu 15:46] speaker: Ray Chan, event: Kopi chat ** vision connecting people to content they find interesting ** started with four other cofounders all are still around ** joined incubators for experience and connections ** passion, hustle, determination ** goal, audience (start small), platform ** dealing with clones have better traction ** startups in 13 sentences by Paul Graham ** applied to 500 startups as a photo sharing app ** advised to enable FB comments, did not believe it mentor asked for data to backup their belief, when they enabled it, number of visitors started to grow ** connections to the ecosystem getting the FB page unbanned fast removing fake instagram accounts ** on getting talent make sure the average quality of your team increases emphasize on the vision of the company ** on getting initial set of users spam your friends, post relevant content on forums (hk loves forum) ** focused on user growth, not looking at monetization yet ** on dealing with ip issues encourage users to credit the source, remove offending content ** on future plans future is unknown, still work on 9gag daily, and launching extensions such as

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