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Hot streaming replication in Postgres 9.3

speaker: Sameer Kumar, event: PostgresSQL meetup ** streaming replication introduced in 9.0 do not need to enable archives, which grow in size and need to be maintained ** stream and backup to a single postgres instance regardless of architecture ** re-mastering support in 9.3 no need to rebuild, just update conf and restart not possible earlier as timeline information was not available ** streaming replication not switched on by default postgresql.streaming.conf wal_level=hot_standby max_wal_senders=3 (number of replicas/backups) wal_keep_segments=128 (amount of wal for master to keep for streaming) hot_standby=on (on the hot stand by server)

in postgresql.conf include postgresql.streaming.conf

pg_hba.conf host replication all trust ** with archiving, hot-backup using pg_basebackup ** recovery.conf in secondary server standby_mode='on’ primary_conninfo='host= port= user= password=’ recovery_target_timeline='latest’

pg_basebackup -R creates a default recovery.conf while dumping the backup ** promote from slave to master pg_ctl promote -D

recovery.conf automatically renamed to recovery.done

or with a trigger file recovery.trigger ** monitoring the replication select pg_is_in_recovery() recover == on standby

select txid_current_snapshot() see current snapshot on master and slave

pg_stat_replication view ** upcoming features in 9.4 time delayed streaming, so it can act as a rolling backup replication slot assigned to standby, eliminate wal_keep_segments, db keeps track of which segments to keep

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