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Hack and Tell 2017-07-18

Porting Hungarian text adventure from the 80s to Android

  • found game logic in basic
  • porting logic to inform5
  • no good way to run inform5 with accented characters, too slow
  • convert the infrom5 byte codes to jvm byte codes to speed it up

NUS-MIT Analytics Datathon

  • access data through SQL
  • likelyhood patient would die in ICU
  • sepsis affects the mortality rate

100 Days of data visualization

  • by Hannah Yan Han
  • drink preference around the world
  • migrants who go missing
  • characters in simpsons
  • discipline + momentum

OK Google, Turn on my AC

  • Use “Actions on Google” to build apps
  • similar to building a chatbot
  • use to process the voice command
  • uses a webhook to notify the result
  • webhook goes to RPi that is online

Historical revisionism

  • by V
  • working on a git library
  • git has nice internal model, despite the poor cli
  • preparing a git internals workshop by making a git repo
    • the commit message is the instructions
    • checkout different commits to move through the workshop

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