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Gene Team Tree

CREATED: 200706120245 ** Alg

  • space complexity of GTT alg? ** GTT can be stored in linear space, represent team using (genome, left, right) ** need succinct representation of subsequences, can use idea from He2005
  • improve time complexity of operations, better data structure
  • ADT for subsequences ** succinct (total space usage is $O(|T|)$) ** number of families ** number of genes ** maxgap ** split first run given delta ** extract subseq from given family

** Misc

  • conservation of order in a team? compute rearrangement distance of gene teams
  • different value of delta in different genome

** Extensions to multiple sequences

  • Tighter analysis of algorithm, incorporate occ(G, f)
  • include notion of a quorum
  • similarity to domain teams
  • issues with unequal content?

** Other applications

  • PPI prediction
  • Detecting hidden interactions, relation with protein interaction
  • Validate using GSEA
  • Gene function prediction
  • GO annotation enrichment

** Scoring of partitions

  • $r_k$ denote the “center” of cluster $C_k$
  • within cluster distance ** sum of squares of distances of cluster elements to $r_k$ ** $\max_i \min_{y(j) \in C_k} d(x(i),y(j))$ (single link criterion, elongated clusters)
  • between cluster distance ** sum of squares of distance between centers ** min dist between and two elements, one in each cluster (single link, nearest neighbour) ** max distance … (furthest neighbour/complete link) ** centroid ** average ** Ward’s measure
  • covariance matrix
  • overall score = $bc(C)/wc(C)$

** Statistical significance ** Biological significance