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Fueling the AI Revolution: Efficient methods and hardware for deep learning

[2018-02-01 Thu 16:01:22] Bill Dally, Chief Scientist of NVIDIA

Superhuman AI examples

  • object recognition
  • speech to text
  • go

NVIDIA self driving car

  • 12 hd cameras feeding into 4 networks
  • finding objects on the road
  • finding free space

GPUs only had FP32 support

  • later on added FP16 and int8 to support deep learning
  • introduced an instruction for matrix multiply and accumulate

Reducing the complexity of NN computation

  • store sparse in compressed form
  • reduced precision
    • trained quantization
  • pruning the nodes/edges and retrain

Distributed training with multiple CPUs, sending the gradients is the bottleneck

  • only send the large gradients
  • local accumulation

NN in graphics

  • using low samples per ray to generate high quality renders by de-noising the low sample renders
  • facial animation
  • material modeling

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