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Evolution of regulatory modules

CREATED: 200810140719 Speaker: Aviv Regev ** Comparing S. cerevisiae and S. pombe

  • Regulatory modules: group of co-expressed, co-regulated genes
  • Conserved transcription modules in E. Coli and Human
  • Adaptation of regulatory modules in S. cerevisiae and S. pombe?
  • Find modules using bi clustering, comparing modules between two species -> orthologous modules
  • Look at tf binding sites of the modules ** Include more species and putative modules
  • construct a phylogenetic profile of binding sites
  • parsimonious reconstruction of ancestral binding sites
  • eg, from Homol-D to RAP1 ** Evolution of regulatory modules
  • cis-buffering in modules
  • how do novel sites emerge and invade many genes
  • neutral drift
  • selective advantage to redundancy
  • undefined selective role ** Reconstructing orthogroups ** Phylogeny of modules

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