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DNS cache poisoning

[2014-02-21 Fri 19:08] speaker: Indra Pramana, CEO Simpler Cloud event: Friday Hacks #64, NUS Hackers ** domain name system hierarchical, distributed naming system ** distribution root domain delegate to authoritative name server for subdmomains ** recursive name server ISP’s name server ** caching name server recursive name server that cache query result ** DNS cache poisoning cache DNS server received a false information and caches it ** causes of cache poisoning

  • intercepting DNS response
  • domain hijacking
  • vulnerability in DNS software/serer ** 21st Jan 2014 outage for Chinese users Great Firewall of China uses cache poisoning to block certain sites. Due to misconfiguration, all domains were redirecting to a blocked site. ** 11th Oct 2013 redirected to hacker’s site compromised on registra level (MYNIC) through one of their resellers ** long term solution: DNSSEC *** provides
  • origin authentication of DNS data
  • data integrity
  • authenticated denial of existence *** responses are authenticated but not encrypted *** how it works public key crypto, domain owners upload their own key pair as DNSKEY record ** questions DNS cache poisoning for phishing, can https detect this?

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