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Discovering association between variables in data

speaker: Li Shuai Cheng event: Big Data Workshop, UTAR Kampar, Malaysia ** relationship, direction, strength ** Pearson’s correlation cannot detect non-linear relationships ** Spearman’s rank correlation ** Kendall’s rank correlation C = number of concordant pairs D = number of discordant pairs tau-a = (C-D)/(C+D) tau-b = (C-D)/sqrt[(N - Tx)(N - Ty)] Tx = number of pairs of x that are tied Ty = number of pairs of y that are tied ** Mutual information I(A,B) = sum_a sum_b p(a,b) log( p(a,b)/p(a)p(b) ) maximum over all ways to divide the data into grids ** Deconvolute the data by inverted covariance matrix inverted covariance matrix is the direct relation ** Causality C is covariance P is partial covariance d(b,c|a) = C(b,c) - PC(b,c|a) D(a->b) = 1/n sum_c … ** references Detecting novel associations in large data sets Nework deconvolution as a generate method to distinguish direct dependence in networks

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