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Design, test, prototype in 12 days

[1205] speaker: Wang Xiaodan, Lead UX consultant, Thoughtworks event: Hackers and Painters ** revamp of Millennium hotel booking system in 12 days user centric and test driven approach 12 days because of budget constraints ** day 1: mini inception bring together usually siloed departments eg. loyalty program manager’s concerns were not heard

shared understanding of project vision and goals high level scope and core processes identify key risks, issues establish technical and testing approach

time boxes exercises: open, organize. finalize

vision -> personas -> user journeys, visual design -> technical approach -> features/stories -> estimate -> release plan

*** create an elevator pitch for whom? we do? so what?

*** develop user persona goals, pain points, motivations business traveller leisure traveller

*** as is user journey put up the pages on paper and put on the board pain points as pink post-its ideas as yellow post-its

*** to be user journey as post-it notes, start with the high level then drill down into the details

*** competitor analysis

** day 2: collaborative design concrete details for user journey

high fidelity designs of the pages

** day 3: rapid prototyping two developers, one designer

selective testing, eg. search box interactions, rest of the page is static image

** day 4: popup design studio gave coffee and biscuits but found that visitors are interested to give their opinion survey to get information about the user interactive testing and paper prototypes

setup at grand copthorn hotel, 1-5pm grab visitors to review the design conduct retrospectives with the entire team

  • review positive, negatives, comments
  • show distance from airport in km
  • time to visit nearby attractions
  • wifi is free/chargeable, available in room or common area make changes to the site

** day 5: popup design studio at studio m, mostly staycation up sell during the checkout, previous design based on shopping cart which requires user to add items they want

** day 10: usability testing much more detailed compared to popup design studio

** day 12: showcase

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