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Continuous delivery in the cloud

[2012-08-29 Wed 18:30:00] speaker: Andy and Paul, Thoughtworks event: DevOps meetup ** background iProperty, 2 weeks engagement ** architecture for the cloud sessions -> sticky sessions -> memcached backed by MySQL schedule jobs -> separate EC2 instance -> distributed cron (resque, message queue) PODM (provision one deploy meny) vs PODO (provision one deploy once) ** trunk based development ** feature toggles

  • dev
  • business
  • ops ** continuous integration with jenkins
  • copy build plugin
  • build pipeline plugin
  • promote build plugin ** capistrano for app deployment (SSH over ruby) ** CDN cache outdated assets versioning by chaning file name ** app packaging zip | from VCS | native rpm, deb ** schema migration
  • update app, stop using col for a while
  • drop col later

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