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Code clone analysis

CREATED: 200701011012 Author: Katsuro Inoue

** Motivation

  • Code clone as a result of ** copy and paste ** sterotype function, eg DB connection ** intentional iteration, eg for performanc enhancement
  • Makes maintenance difficult
  • Types of clones ** exactly the same ** similar, different identifiers etc ** semamtically the same, syntectically very different

** Methods

  • Line based -> line by line
  • AST based -> algorithm to compare two trees, need to be syntactically correct code
  • PDG based -> algorithms to compare two subgraphs
  • Metrics
  • Tokens based -> CCFinder (Gemini, Aries, Libra)

** CCFinder



suffix tree algorithms

** Application

candidates for refactoring

  • visualization using metric graph
  • change support
  • phylogeny of software, evolution of code

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