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Change the game with data and analytics

[2016-04-26 Tue 19:00] speaker: Cao Hong, Head of Analytics, APAC for McLaren Applied Technologies event: Data Science SG ** racing data cycle simulation – pre-race analysis – live monitoring – post-race analysis – design changes for the car ** decison support system do we change the tyre when it rains or continue ** driver in-loop simulation experience of driving tested in simulator ** McLaren technology group McLaren racing McLaren automotive McLaren applied technologies

focus industries: transport, rail, … ** human performance/condition monitoring one of the focus for the Singapore office continuous monitoring of health and predicting od deterioration eg. automating heart condition monitoring with wearable sensors

types of conditions:

  • sleep quality
  • gait/activities
  • perceived stress
  • cognitive performance ** health case 1: gait outlier analysis inconsistency in the gait as an indirect measurement of fatigue gait anomaly score ** health case 2: ALS disease progression monitoring work with GSK diagnosis based on elimination of other possible causes ALS functional scale using heart rate, activity classification, speech ** challenges training done on normal people, but testing done with patients model may not match actual users ** predictive health for haul trucks expensive when they fail in the field determine remaining useful life formulate as a regression problem generate features from the sensor data select subset of features tree regression model performs the best, lowest mean absolute error ** questions Q: volume of real time data and transmission to monitoring center A: not sure, could be GSM, this is handled by a different company

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