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Bazaarvoice's service oriented architecture

** monolithic java app to set of small services ** Cassandra as system of record (multi-region replication) ** ElasticSearch replaced Solr (same reason) ** formed platform infrastructure team

  • build out using VPC and CloudFormation
  • internal VPC DNS
  • internal monitoring
  • centralized logging
  • cost analytics using tags, able to determine exact cost per team
  • tag-conformity enforcement each team must use two tags: team and VPC any AWS resource without proper tags is automatically terminated
  • spin up identical VPCs for dev, QA, and prod
  • three AZ per VPC, one NAT server per AZ for outbound connections ** data team
  • EmoDB backed by Cassandra exposes RESTful API to create tables
  • Polloi indexes entity streams into an ElasticSearch cluster
  • databus to tie EmoDB to Polloi, and any other application to listen to changes to the data

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