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Approximation algorithms for the Graph Orientation Minimizing the Maximum Weighted Outdegree

CREATED: 200712180727 Speaker: Hirotaka Ono (Kyushu University) ** Background

  • art gallery problem, placing guards to observe the gallery
  • guards assumed to be omni-directional
  • suppose using k-way directional camera
  • what is the min k required? = graph orientation (minimizing the max outdegree)
  • graph model: camera - vertex, corridor - edge ** Related problem
  • job scheduling, where each job can be assigned to one of 2 machines
  • job - edge, and processing time does not depend on machine ** Inapproximability
  • reduction from at most 3SAT (2 literals) ** Approximation algorithm
  • G -> G’ ** replace weighted edge with multiple unweighted edge (2 approx = LP relaxation)
  • G’-> F ** find an oriented cycle ** reverse the edges along the cycle (outdegree remains unchanged) ** if all edges from a node oriented in the same direction, then fix the edge
  • F ** orient the edges for the forest ** Graph classes
  • tree -> cactus -> outer planar -> series-parallel -> planar -> general

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