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Adventures with Green Engineering

[2016-08-02 Tues] speaker: Martin Henz, NUS event: Science in the Cafe

** Early EV early vehicles were electric, powerd by lead acid batteries. Thomas Edison invented one competition from combustion engine first hybrid gasoline-electric car developed in 1916

** Decline of EV greater range required ubiquity cheap oil, petroleum instead of whale oil or plant oils advances in combustion engine

** EVs today largest truck, largest cruise ship tesla model s personal mobility devices

advances in electric motors advances in battery technologies increased sensitivity to environmental concerns

** converting a combustion engine motorcycle to electric lithium ion phosphate cells need to fit the components into the body of the vehicle tested the performance of the vehicle participated in the WAVE rally and came in 3rd in the motorcycle category

** replacing the OBM of a yacht with electric motor making the sailing vessel carbon neutral recharge the batteries with solar panels, mounted on a truss

** Snowstorm needed 18 propellors and 6 batteries shipped it to London

** The Delta for National Geographic series Machine Impossible, a flying electric car designed a paraglider trike, build it in 2.5 months

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