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2D game art

[2014-06-28 Sat 16:10] speaker: Tan Hui Tian event: Campus Game Fest 2014 ** references ** process lightning, color study ** characters vs environment ** gesture studies exaggerate the pose avoid symmetry ** economy of line ** bargue plates Soft edge Lost edge Hard edge ** proportions of ideal male 8 heads tall top quarter - nipples middle - crotch bottom quarter - bottom of knees ** stylized proportions chibi - 3 heads clamp - 11 heads ** shape and color theory circle - friendly triangle - evil square - stable, boring ** silhouette shape studies design with pose in mind ** value gradient contrast denotes focal point lighter at top, darker at bottom ** color and saturation saturation = focus ** color emotions depends on culture ** areas of rest and detail small details read as noise ** design considerations *** context test in-game contrast with environment *** efficiency difficulty of animation ** rendering the onion method

  • sketch out the form and perspective, lines
  • greyscale with lighting
  • color with materials and texture ** color constancy ** thumbnails tonal composition

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