Melvin's digital garden

1 year as a digital nomad

speaker: Jon Yongfook Cockle event: Hackers & Painters ** built ** about $2K USD/mth to sustain stay in a hotel everyday, travel ** start with some savings, four months is plenty ** aim for high margin, low touch ** aim for B2B sell to companies who will in turn make money from your product, tools/resources easier sell ** stupid ideas

  • consumer - customers, not “users”
  • physical - logistics, low margin
  • transactional - needs high volume ** good ideas
  • digital goods - wordpress themes
  • software - SaaS, paid mobile apps
  • eBooks ** validate your idea, make sure there is demand originally beatrix was going to be a competitive analysis tool, competitive intelligence for social media

small businesses don’t have content to post on social media

started as finding content based on keywords for business to share

built in one month in Koh Samui ** have a story to launch with makes for a more interesting new angle provide a sneak preview before the public launch ** let people into the app in batches had about 2k subscribers in the launch mailing let in new users in batches to iteratively fix bugs, gather feedback ** always be marketing blog posts, newletter blasts, funnel optimization ** always be creating started writing a book as collected advice for startups got 12k preorders in 1 month, see yongfook’s blog post now sells about 1+ book a day, passive income of $1k/mth ** the negatives feeling disconnected, not hanging out with friends

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