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date: 2008-01-22 15:38:00 +08:00 category: web

My first website was started in 1999 after my ‘A’ levels but before I was enlisted. It was a very simple web site written by hand using HTML and CSS. The purpose was to learn HTML but it also served as a page which I would put up mini reviews of freeware games/applications. The main page also contains a number of dated entries to indicate when the site was updated and some snippets of what I was doing in real life. The last entry which was dated August 9, 2000 was posted on National Day, see below.

The next period in my web authoring experience was when I entered NUS in 2002. All SoC students are given a web site at It was far easier to setup a webpage than on my previous hosted service as I could upload the files to the server directly. I mainly used it to host a number of files, such as presentation slides etc.

In 2005, I started a server for ACM/IOI training. The server hosted the Mooshak contest management system and a DokuWiki based website for the ACM/IOI community in NUS. The site grew over the years and over time I starting using the site to document my HYP project and to create web pages for courses I was teaching. After a while, the server began to show signs of instability. Intending to avoid the hassle of managing a physical server, I requested for a Solaris Zone account from the school, which is now the hosting the current site.

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