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Time travel in media

Back to the Future




  • work with past self to solve the puzzle

Gateways by SmudgedCat

  • 2d portal, include portal that change size, rotate gravity, travel to the past
  • mechanics demo

5D Chess with Multiverse Time Trave

Block Pushing puzzle Game But You Can Time Travel

  • Sokoban with time portals that can travel a fixed amount forward or backwards in time
  • Boxes cannot enter time portals
  • Past selves are not allowed to see current self.
  • Past selves do not need to return to portal.

Executioner’s insomnia


Iron Danger

Undo short 20 level puzzle where you can rewind the time of objects

Tres Undos multiple layers of undo and objects immune to them.

So Broken sokoban where you are immune to undo


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