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Remote work

Had practice since I worked on MagArena remotely since 2011.

Started paid remote work since 2014, with Cosmiqo.

No issue, no work

Code review instead of pair programming

  • working over the Internet from anywhere in the world
  • elance, upwork: platforms to hire freelancers to work remotely
  • full-time remote work as an employee
  • you’ve already done it if you have done project work in school
  • pros
    • save time by working from home
    • results oriented
    • flexible hours
  • cons
    • lack of social interaction
      • fix: attend meetups, external events
    • don’t get to interact with colleagues
      • fix: setup team building exercise during meetings)
    • work life and home life start getting mixed together
      • fix: have fix boundaries, eg close the door when working