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Ortholog Assignment Problem


Given two gene order sequences, determine relationship between genes.

homology: similarity between characters that is due to their shared ancestry.

orthologs: due to speciation

inparalogs: due to duplication after speciation (in same genome)

outparalogs: due to duplication before speciation (in different genomes)

ohnologs: paralogous genes that have originated by WGD

xenologs: resulting from horizontal gene transfer

main ortholog: defined in [Fu2006] for two groups of inparalogous genes of co-orthologous genes, main ortholog = true exemplar gene, positional counterpart of orthologs in different species


reduce sequences to permutations

many problems are tractable for permutations but NP-hard for sequences


exemplar (Sankoff)

gene matching

parsimony: minimize a given genomic distance OR maximum number of conserved structures, [Fu2006], [Shi2009]

match large segments and recursively match within the segments (greedy approach)

reconcillation of gene tree and species tree

sequence similarity: BBH, MCL

Available programs



relative performance

State of the art

currently all methods are NP-hard, except greedy matching methods

however, greedy matching methods seems a bit ad-hoc

Types of results

one pair per family (exemplar)

as many pairs as possible

something in between (most reliable pairs?)


key innovation: integrate local similarity (sequence) and global (context, neighbourhood)

generalized GTT: based on some notion of similarity between genes from G and H (same family, sequence similarity at least t)

complete GTT: leaves are all possible gene pairings

select subset of leaves that form a matching and maximize some score

each leaf is weighted according to sequence similarity

intuitively: maximum sum of leaf weights and size of tree