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Matcha infographic

Making Matcha (step by step) recommends Aoarashi as the minimum for ceremonial grade.

Shaken not whisked

  • Oasis Stainless Steel Insulated Food Flask 450ml
  • ONEISALL 400ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask
  • EFTERFR├ůGAD Food vacuum flask 500ml


  • Meiko Uji Matcha (culinary grade), 28/100g
  • Harumi Nishio Daily Matcha, 35/100g


  • Wakatake (culinary grade), 33.5/100g
  • Aoarashi by Marukyu Koyamaen, 39/100g

Marukyu Koyamaen Aoarashi 34.20 on Shopee, shipped from Japan, took 2 weeks.

Use water at 80c

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