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IOI 2008 is over

date: 2008-08-24 14:37:54 +08:00 category: contest

IOI has finally ended but the Singapore team is staying one additional day because the direct flight from Egypt to Singapore via SIA leaves on Sunday. I’m using this time to update my blog but unfortunately I left my micro USB cable in my room so I’m unable to upload any photos from my N82, will have to do that after I get back to Singapore.

This year, the contestants won 1 silver and 3 bronze medals, which is an improvement over the 1 silver and 2 bronze medals from last year. More importantly, everyone got a medal. Singapore has taken part in IOI since 1992 and the only other years which we achieved this was in 1997 (1S 3B) and 2001 (2G 2S). A detailed listing of our achievements in IOI is available from the NOI website,

This is the fourth year I am attending IOI and it is really a nice feeling seeing the familiar faces from the various country delegations. During some of our discussions, we toyed around with the idea of hosting IOI in Singapore by 2015. My dream of hosting an ACM ICPC regional in Singapore was realized in December 2007, perhaps one day we will also host the IOI.

Update 27th Aug: Photos are available here

Update 17th Oct: Result in 1997 should be 1S 3B

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