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  • 15k on Igowin


  • Demo to a big group, each person suggest one move
  • 6x6 with stone counting

Capture Go teaching method

Stone counting teaching method

Solving Ponnuki-Go on small boards

  • 6x6 with crosscut: black wins
  • 6x6 with stable centre: black wins
    • first move made manually
  • 6x6 empty board is unknown
    • assuming optimal start is stable centre, then black wins

One-eyed Go

Hexagonal Go

  • Go Without Ko on Hexagonal Grids, Browne2012
  • TriGo, Bloom

Kill-all Go

  • White wins if it can have at least one stone on the board
  • KataGo using komi 80.5 thinks that 9x9 H5 is white win, 9x9 H6 is black win


  • points given to white so that optimal play results in a draw
  • Mini-GO results
  • KataGo results
  • under area scoring: 4 for 6x6, 9 for 7x7, 10 for 8x8, 7 for 9x9


4x4 puzzles

9x9 Go

Computer Go


  • ć€Šå›“ę£‹ć€‹
  • 怊7%怋
  • AlphaGo - The Movie
  • The Surrounding Game

Portable DIY equipment

Learning resources

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