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For a programmer, the Unix like environment provided by GNU/Linux is miles ahead of what is available on Windows. It is extremely easy to install most of the development tools with just a single command.

I switched from Windows to GNU/Linux over a series of steps.

  1. starting with using Cygwin under Windows
  2. using GNU/Linux inside a VM
  3. dual booting

Cygwin has been superceeded by Windows Subsystem for Linux.

My current distribution is Kali Linux. AFAIK, it is the only Debian derivative that uses a rolling release, making it possible to update without needing to reinstall.

Using the kali-last-snapshot branch for more stability as it undergoes release testing. All else fails, there is linux recovery

Archbang linux install

Setting up Sidux on Toshiba NB305-A101

Linux desktop setup

Resize LVM

Backup scheme

Clone Debian

chroot into installed linux

Connecting to NUS from Linux

Connecting to NUS on N82

Happy 20th Birthday, Linux!

Mic on Linux

Intro to Linux

The Linux scheduler: a decade of wasted cores

using alpine linux to create smaller docker images

windows emulation on linux

SSH tunnelling

immutable distro

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