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Gene Order Phylogeny

CREATED: 200701031152 ** Approach

  • aim to get some theoretical results by imposing additional constraints on the problem to achieve polynomial time
  • comparison between distance based and parsimony method, i.e. neighbor joining and mgr
  • NJ ** more robust ** separation between distance computation and tree reconstruction
  • MGR ** more brittle ** reconstruction interwoven with distance computations ** start with using “good rearrangement” but degrade to heuristics ** “good rearrangements” too strict, need to be relaxed, distant genomes unlikely to matter

** Ideas

  • given a rearrangement on a genome g, can partition G{g} into three groups base on change in rearrangement distance (concept of an impact set)
  • better way to resolve ambiguity in taking union
  • better score function
  • clustering? ** linear density, how to partition ** subspace clusters, CLIQUE
  • meta heuristic search?
  • look-ahead?
  • computing change in rearrangement distance incrementally