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refers to the method Luhmann use to number his notes, to give them a fixed address in his Zettelkasten for example: 11

  • 11a
    • 11a1
    • 11a2
  • 11b 12 argues that in a digital ZK, it is not necessary and unnecessary fixes a note to a single hierachical similarly argues that structure notes are a much better way to provide structure and are more flexible Luhmann’s ZK had high level subject areas which emerged over time application of legal outlining (Luhmann studied law) in note cards neutral stance, had a purpose for Luhmann but not used by others who used note cards “Links or references do not emphasize the relationship between notes” “Folgezettel, however, create specific relationships – adding manual links (references) to these relationships create relationship of relationships” “all notes in a note sequence are on the same level. There are no categories.” about connecting trains of thought, does not mean hierachy allows one to easily move between trains of thought

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