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FB posts 2019

Dec 11: View from SolveEducation’s Bandung office.

Dec 06: Choose your own adventure style procedural story telling with OpenAI’s 1.5B GPT-2 model. A glimpse of how AI can enhance game play.

Dec 03: Semakau is such a beautiful place! The island where our rubbish goes to rest.

Nov 15: West side Learning Day happening tonight! Lots of nostalgia for me as the first Learning Day I attended was also held in Bold At Work.

Aug 24: Replaying Liberation Circuit while I’m making the game more modable with Lua scripting. In the process of converting each mission to its own lua script instead of being hardcoded in C. I’d have to clear the previous missions to get to the one I’m converting. This is going be interesting, last time I played I got stuck in an early mission. Now I can just edit its script to make it easier.

Aug 24: LuaJIT’s C FFI is a joy to use and just works. Just declare the functions and use it in the script, eg

Jul 14: TIL there is a 14 line program that runs forever iff the Riemann Hypothesis is true. Program in link.

Jul 03: It finally dawned on me why warehousing has such a rich structure and interesting computational problems. It is the “data structure” of logistics.

Data structure = method of organizing information for efficient modification and access

Warehouse = method of organizing physical items for efficient modification and access

Jun 10: Public lecture organised by the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NUS). 13 June 2019, 6:30 – 7:30PM, NUS LT31

Jun 05: A technical musical about TCO via /r/programming

May 29: P4 students on observing a raspberry pi boot up: “It’s hacking!”. For them, hacking = text scrolling quickly across the screen.

Mar 15: An ε extra savings on some items after migration to Lazada. source: Redmart’s “On sale” page

Mar 06: FOSSASIA 2019 is happening next week! I’ll be sharing about using Python and Project Malmo to teach AI concepts.

I’m also giving away two community standard tickets. Please DM me for the details, first come first serve.

Jan 25: TIL some shots in Rogue One involving the fully CG character K-2SO was rendered in real time using Unreal engine.

Jan 12: Did not expect to see this on a strength training blog but as @[678566238:2048:Hon Wai Leong] always say, algorithms are anywhere and everywhere. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised because the planning of which exercises to do each session is also called programming.

Jan 07: My talk at GeekCampSG 2018+ is now online. Thanks to Engineers.SG for recording and GeekCampSG for the wonderful event. I was lucky the timing turned out well, I was worried it would take too long, especially with the demos.

Jan 06: “This hilarious reaction was captured on our Camera Trap inside our Snow Leopard Habitat!” Featuring Paradise Wildlife Park’s Snow Leopard Jessie

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