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Dec 08: While waiting for the Linux release of X4, I’m having fun with Void Destroyer 2 via Proton.

Dec 04: Geekcamp SG is back! 5th Jan 2019 at Microsoft Singapore. Register and vote for talks you want to see. My talk will be on the origins of software, how it was accidentally invented by Turing back in the 1930s.

Nov 15: Looking forward to more serendipitous learning this Friday evening.

Oct 24: Will be sharing some recent work on solving the Travelling Salesman Problem in warehouses at this week’s Friday Hacks.

Oct 19: A meetup where everyone shares and everyone learns. Peer learning at its best. Come join us tonight at “A Good Space” located in NVPC, Clarke Quay Central.

Aug 17: Proud to be a member of the Computational Thinkerers. Our fifth year running a booth at a Maker gathering. I’m excited to introduce a new activity for participants to make their own hexahexaflexagon and use it to learn graph theory!

Jun 25: Ran the first iteration of an Intelligent Agent workshop at @[119409335275612:274:LccL Coding Academy] yesterday. Got lots of good feedback to help improve the material and presentation.

Slides can be found at Materials are open sourced at

Jun 02: Searching for the diamond in the cliff walking mission with a naive method. Can you guess the agent’s policy? It stops working if we introduce an obstacle on the right side of the platform. Part of an intro to AI with Python and Malmo course I’m developing at Tag: Juliana Ung

Apr 06: In addition to being a security focused distro, Kali Linux also works well as a Linux desktop that is continuously updated from Debian Testing. Kali Linux has its own process to migrate Debian Testing packages into its repo to improve stability.

Apr 06: TIL: for a fresh Debian install there is no need to boot from USB. Using debootstrap, a base system can be installed to a free partition, update-grub, and reboot. Luckily I have an existing 4G swap partition which I have repurposed to install Kali Linux.

Mar 25: My talk at FOSSASIA 2018 is now on YouTube thanks to the amazing work of Engineers.SG. This was presented earlier today 1100-1125am. It is an introduction to

Mar 07: “Samia Halaby is a world renowned painter who purchased a Commodore Amiga 1000 in 1985 at the tender age of 50 years old. She taught herself the BASIC and C programming languages to create “kinetic paintings” with the Amiga and has been using the Amiga ever since.” via /r/programming

Mar 05: “War Stories” by Ars Technica

Mar 04: Join me at FOSSASIA 2018! My session will be on solving optimization problems with MiniZinc,

I have one free community ticket to give away, message me for the details.

Jan 16: Gyra, the world’s deadliest cat, and her hungry kitten.

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