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Dec 20: Panel discussion at SMU 5:00-6:30pm 24th Jan 2018. Panelist: John Hopcroft (Turing Award 1986), Efim Zelmanov (Fields Medal 1994), and Silvio Micali (Turing Award 2012). Register at

Dec 15: “The game is not designed to teach. The intention is to provide an “instrument” that, in addition to being fun to play, not only provides implicit learning but may also be used as a basis for formal learning in a scholastic setting. We learned all of these design lessons from the piano.” Tag: @[598590613:2048:Janine Teo]

Dec 08: “The Liar Game: Truths & Proofs from Euclid to Turing” by Dr Mark Wildon, a Ng Kong Beng Public Lecture on Dec 14th 6:30pm - 7:30pm @ The National Library. Link to event poster below.

Oct 28: Two public lectures at the Singapore Science Center on 16th Nov, 5pm.

  1. Dark Matter by Prof Frank Wilczek, 2004 Physics Nobel Laureate
  2. Everything From Nothing: How Our Universe Was Made by Prof Carlos Frenk, Director, Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham U Register at the link below.

Oct 23: Starting doing proper backups (7 daily and 4 weekly) with Fast and easy to use from the command line, storage can be either local path or remote over ssh with borg binary on server side.

Oct 19: Learning the game of Go from scratch and beating AlphaGo Master in 21 days. Gives new meaning to the phrase “Learn X in 21 days”. Source:

Aug 19: Wasitora, Nekoru Queen and her brood of Cat Dragons against the Rats of Magic: The Gathering. Coming soon in Magarena 1.88, see commit

Aug 16: Good summary of the claims in Norbert Blum’s proposed proof of P ≠ NP and how they overcome existing barriers. Approach is to show that determining whether a graph contains a k-clique requires superpolynomial circuits.

Aug 11: “Nekoru, or Cat-Dragons, are cat-like beings with reptilian wings from Jamuraa.” Coming soon to C17. Looking forward to adding them to Magarena.

Jul 12: The stand out anime of this season. A beautiful cinematic feel reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s work with a touch of a darker story beneath the surface.

Jun 27: TIL that RPG Maker XP uses Ruby for game scripting. Had a fun weekend playing “Exile Fate” but got very annoyed at some bugs in the Linux port so delved into the Ruby script and fixed it.

Most annoying issue: party formation resets anytime you add/remove characters, the fixed version remembers the position of party members who were not changed.

Jun 08: Thought of your skills graph concept when I saw this.

May 30: Series of public talks on Robotics on June 1, 0930 - 1220 at Marina Bay Sands. “ICRA-X is an outreach activity to the general public in the region that hosts the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. It will feature lively presentations from distinguished experts on popular and cutting-edge topics in the field. ICRA-X is aimed at enlightening the greater community, especially the young generation.”

May 26: Aja Huang and Fan Hui shares the story of AlphaGo from its birth in 2014 to after the match with Lee Sedol with many amusing anecdotes. For example, AlphaGo improves at a rate of about 1 rank every month, and could probably beat a 9p with 2 stone handicap as of Aug 2016.

May 26: Live stream of two innovative human AI matches, that are more interesting than AlphaGo vs Ke Jie, as this type of match has never been done before. 0830am: human pro + AlphaGo vs human pro + AlphaGo 1230pm: AlphaGo vs 5 human pros

May 23: AlphaGo 1 : Ke Jie 0 after match 1 of 3.

Apr 29: Going meta, reading the draft of “Philosophy of Computer Science” by William J. Rapaport. It has a entire chapter dedicated to the often heard open day question, “What is Computer Science?”.

Apr 08: TIL the current record for a 5 state 2 symbol Turing machine is 47,176,870 steps before halting. This is not known to be the largest number of steps as there are remains 43 machines whose behavior we do not understand. Ref:

Mar 29: “In this talk, University of Alberta researcher Michael Bowling describes a decade long research program to build AI that can cope with the hallmarks of poker — deception, bluffing, and manipulating what other players know.

This research has culminated in two landmark results: Cepheus playing a perfect game of limit poker, and most recently, DeepStack (in a collaboration with Czech researchers) beating poker pros at the game of no-limit poker.” via

Mar 18: Video of my session at FOSSASIA is now online. Thanks to the folks from

Mar 17: TIL that UDF is better than FAT32 as a cross platform filesystem for flash drives. Linux/OS X can use the following shell script to format the device.

Mar 17: My session on open source game AI projects is tomorrow 15:30 - 15:55 at FOSSASIA 2017!

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