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Dec 31: 1.45 is out to mark the end of 2013. Massive UI changes, fixes, card script improvements, and 802 new cards.

Dec 25: Talk by Joey Hess at DebConf 13 – “A whirlwind tour of the past and future history of Debian, from as close to our big bang as can still be observed, through the geological present of the last internet decade, and beyond. With stops along the way to peer into some wormholes to alternate universes of app stores, cell phones, and derivative distributions. It’s all about the big questions, not any particular answers.”

Dec 25:

Dec 24: Difference between Unison and git-annex: unison requires direct connection to sync, it only does pairwise folder syncing, more than 2 replicas have to sync via a central replica. git-annex knows all the replicas and it is able to sync between two clients without direct connection using a cloud storage backend as an intermediary.

Dec 23: “Gilad Bracha explains how to distinguish FP hype from reality and to apply key ideas of FP in non-FP languages, separating the good parts of FP from its unnecessary cultural baggage.”

Dec 22: Open source folder syncing with support for multiple server backends (S3, Glacier, rsync, etc). Considering replacing my current Unison based system with this.

Dec 20: TIL that uses Haskell and NixOS via

Dec 18: Pippa, the British shorthair, who works as an exam room attendant at a vet clinic.

Dec 17: Listening to

Dec 17: Algorithms for increasing the resolution of pixel art

Dec 16:

Dec 14: Good comparison of the two Haswell chromebooks. Courts is only bringing in the HP Chromebook 14, will probably get it from them.

Dec 07: Best part of Licence2Play 2013: talking to the indie devs at the Games Solution Center booth. These include:

Dec 06: Join me in Starbound @ (password: melvin). Update: server not working as port is blocked.

Dec 06:

Dec 05: Installing Starbound beta!

Dec 05: Learning Emacs to use org mode. Time to start updating my personal wiki again.

Dec 05:

Dec 04: Steam keys for the beta out at 2AM 5th Dec SGT (10AM 4th Dec PST)

Dec 03: Fluffy Cat!

Dec 03: Time lapsed youtube video of what a full day of mob programming looks like:

Dec 02: SMS DNC to 78772 to register for No Call, No Fax, and No SMS

Dec 01: “This talk is about using simple values (as opposed to complex objects) not just for holding data, but also as the boundaries between components and subsystems.”

Dec 01: Magarena 1.44 available now. Many UI enhancements. Message log now shown above the stack, making it easier to follow the progress of the game. Time to update the screenshots.

Nov 30: available in Arch User Repository (AUR)

Nov 29: Continuing with the videos to watch from JVMLS 2013. If you think compiling a statically typed language like Scala to the JVM is hard, hear about the tricks that the Nashorn (Javascript to JVM compiler) team pulled to get decent performance for a dynamically typed language on the JVM.

Nov 29: A brutally honest peek into the workings of scalac. Also explains why binary compatibility is so hard to achieve in Scala.

Nov 28: Civet: A Hybrid Partial Evaluation compiler for Java - Amin Shali and William R. Cook, OOPSLA 2011.

Best name ever.

Nov 26: Technical keynote talk by Steele at JVM Language Summit 2013. Summary:

  1. Why JDK 9 should have proper tail calls (I hope Mark Reinhold saw this)
  2. Splittable random number generators for parallel computation
  3. Low level details matter for performance

Nov 20: Computer History Museum’s Revolutionaries series with Justin Rattner, director of Intel Labs

Nov 20:

Nov 19: #TIL you have to be in the video group to access the graphics chip driver. I can haz WebGL now :)

Nov 18: #TIL When using LLVM, prefer opt to llvm-as for converting from human readable LLVM IR to bitcode. This change reduces the running time of scheme2llvm compiling itself from 21s to 7s.

Nov 17: libgc successfully integrated! Compiler now able to compile its own source code. The output of string constants in IR is not exactly the same as that generated by interpreted compiler… Almost there

Nov 16: If Xinyao sang about Maths, sung to the tune of 麻雀衔竹枝

Nov 16: Slides and video from the JVM Langauge Summit 2013 are now available, via

Nov 16: Aim: small self hosting scheme compiler that targets LLVM IR 3.x Issues: outputs LLVM IR 1.x, unable to compile itself due to high memory usage Current: switch from LLVM malloc bytecode to libgc for memory allocation. implementation done but after the switch, compiler stops working :(

Nov 12: Finally, readable exception stack traces in Clojure @[569962023024290:69:Singapore Clojure User Group]

Nov 10: Experimenting with an extensible LISP bootstrapped from C. The interpreter is also a compiler that emits IA32 assembly code for GNU Assembler.

Nov 10: Thesis: “The less crazy the hair, the more mainstream the language and the more economic impact it has. The more crazy the hair, the more impact the ideas in that language will have on future languages, although at a sacrifice of current economic prosperity.”

Nov 06:

Nov 06: Looking forward to two talks on software development happening in SoC tomorrow (7th Nov).

The Nature of Programming by Kent Beck (11 - 12noon, SR1)

Cool Code by Kevlin Henney (3 - 4pm, SR1)

Nov 06: Coming to Singapore on 12th Dec

Nov 06:

Oct 31: Woohoo, new contributor working on UI! Finally, we’re going to fix issue number 1

Oct 27: Magarena 1.43 is out! This release includes 226 new cards, 15 custom decks, 7 bug fixes, and UI improvements.

Also checkout, deck testing as a service based on Magarena.

Oct 27:

Oct 27: “The primary and direct value that games have for us is that they teach us how to learn. They provide an environment for us to focus on increasing a specific skill or set of skills. They teach us to formulate tactics, to second-guess our thinking, and to commit to a strategy. Quite simply, they allow us to train ourselves as thinkers.” – Keith Burgun, Game Design Theory: A New Philosophy for Understanding Games

Oct 26: Awesome Gosling live demo for the last segment.

Oct 26: Lambda is the single largest upgrade to the programming model. Ever. It’s larger even than Generics. It’s the first time since the beginning of Java that we’ve done a carefully coordinated co-evolution of the virtual machine, the language and the libraries, all together. Yet the result still feels like Java. – Mark Reinhold

Oct 18: Cat’s-eye view of the world

Oct 18: Carmack on rewriting Wolfenstein 3D in Haskell, parallelizing game logic using immutable references and per frame GC, scheme as an embedded scripting language ala QuakeScheme, via

Oct 17: Awww, at the happy ending :)

Oct 11: TIL why Knuth-Morris-Pratt looks so complicated, it was inspired by Cook’s “surprising” theorem (Linear-time simulation of 2-way deterministic pushdown automata)

Oct 10: This is gonna be an awesome Friday Hacks!

Oct 07: Cats make great Jedi!

Oct 06: Theros mechanics, Heroic, Monstrosity, and Bestow, added to Magarena today

Sep 29: Magarena 1.42 is out! No Mac release yet as the Mac installer is untested. The untested installer can be found at, requires Oracle’s Java 7 runtime. Appreciate any help to test it.

Sep 28:

Sep 27: A visual explanation of Monads using Clojure. I find this set of tutorials to be easier to grok as compared to the ones written by the Haskell community, as it makes use of concrete examples and more intuitive names for the functions.

Sep 27: New web app for playing card games against other players, supports Magic: the Gathering.

Sep 19: Spellslingers, new series on Geek and Sundry about Magic: The Gathering. This first episode is a nice way to learn the game.

Sep 19: Ever wondered how big are the package repositories for different languages? has the answers. Maven central is currently the largest (64106), with rubygems close behind (62848) but growing at a faster rate (48/day vs 40/day).

Sep 18: Admire those doing work in games, it is a tough job. If you have some time, do help to fill up this survey for use in a NUS project.

Sep 17:

Sep 17: Job opportunity @ Hoiio

Sep 15: You have achieved clojure enlightenment. Namaste. – “lein koan run”

Sep 15: Special session at CPM 2013 celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Suffix Tree, via @[678566238:2048:Hon Wai Leong] @[609531188:2048:Lim Jing Quan] @[733848354:2048:Swee Seong Wong]

Sep 14: Card Hunter has launched!

Completed the tutorial portion, looks good and the gameplay is fun. Hope they implement coop multiplayer soon.

Sep 14: 7 habits of a Singaporean, by Tommy Koh in The Straits Times, 11 Sep 2013

Sep 13: Incanter + repl = fun with data

Sep 13: M:TG Community vs WotC in the Community Cup. The funniest episode of “Walking the Planes” so far.

Sep 12: Love the addition of the stunned cat in the image.

Sep 05: Learning clojure by reading, practicing on, and coding in

Sep 05: Kitteh hypnosis

Sep 05: Project Firemind now has an official twitter account @

Submit Magic: the Gathering decks to and have Magarena’s AI play test for you. Can you beat the top decks in each format?

Sep 04: There will be an official novel for Theros block :)

Sep 04: Girl in Pinafore soundtrack available on Spoify!

Sep 02: What happened to server side clones on Google Code?

Sep 02: “I cast spells once. It was awful.” via

Aug 31: August release of Magarena is brought to you by eight contributors. It includes support for searching your library and the ability to express lord type effects in the card script. There are a total of 104 new cards in this release and thanks to Project Firemind,, submitting new cards is easier than ever.

Aug 31:

Aug 31: references

Aug 27:

Aug 26: “Immolation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – flavor text on Young Pyromancer

Aug 24: Implemented library search in Magarena! The most often requested mechanic.

Aug 24: World Premier of Starbound starting in 10 minutes (1pm GMT +1) at Insomnia 49, via

Aug 23: Best thing about going to the Appcelerator meetup: meeting a fellow attendee, Lin Hsin Hsin, a pioneer of the Singpore digital media scene and a fellow Debian user. She held her first exhibition on digital music in 1985. Her namecard is a QR code on her phone so she never runs out of them, brilliant!

Aug 22: “” for 50% discount price of $6.38. I’m attending to check out Zopim’s office and find out more about their startup story.

Aug 22: R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Troy Denning, Erin Evans, and Richard Lee Byers talks about what’s happening in The Realms at Gen Con 2013.

Aug 21: “Wasted potential surrounds us. Lend me that bauble, and let me see what it can be made to be.” – Master Transmuter

Love how the flavor, art, and mechanic all match so well. Larger version of the art,

Aug 21: Oh noes, everyone is asleep but I want out!

Aug 20: Big Bang = Everywhere Stretch, Singularity = part of the Everywhere Stretch where we don’t know what we are talking about. Surprisingly good description of the two more commonly used terms in cosmology.

Aug 19: Appcelerator setting up SG office. Meet the team on 22nd Aug to find out more.

Aug 17: Yan Lan interviews Joe Wong

Aug 17:

Aug 17: Happy 20th birthday Debian :) Incidentally this year is also the 20th birthday of Magic: the Gathering which was first released at Gen Con 1993.

Aug 16: Kathleen plays a deck with Cat spirit tokens.

Aug 15: [email protected] on 28th August with Tan Min-Liang, chief gamer and CEO of Razer, at Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Aug 13: One pragmatic programming tip a day keeps the bad code away. The was written in 1999 and is still one of the best books about becoming a better programmer.

Aug 13: Official X Rebirth trailer, looks to be a fine sequel to the X series.

On the topic of Linux support: “We will work on porting it to Linux and Mac and want to add them on Steam like we did with the X3 games. But they will not be immediately available at release.” – Xuniversechannel

Aug 12: Adding new cards without Groovy – Mulldrifter. Obligatory web comic about Mulldrifter by Mark Rosewater,

Aug 12: Project Firemind keeps getting better and better, now you can challenge the top decks in a particular format with a single click.

Aug 11:

Aug 11: Starbound is looking great, can’t wait to play it. Video via

Aug 11: First card script submission for Magarena via from a guest user. Thanks anonymous Internet person, you’ve made my day :)

Aug 10: Cipher will be supported in the next release of Magarena. As a preview, there is an implementation of Stolen Identity from Gatecrash, and a comic about the card.

Aug 10:

Aug 10: Awesome script for downloading the free talks from GDCVault to watch offline, (requires Python 2.7 and rtmpdump)

Aug 10: “You can always tell the evil one by the dagger he’s sticking in you.” – flavor text on Evil Twin

If you’re into deck building, do check out Submit your decks and let Magarena’s AI battle it out against other decks.

Aug 09: Clone and friends will be supported in Magarena 1.41 (Aug release). An example is Progenitor Mimic, the mythic rare Simic Shapeshifter from Dragon’s Maze.

Aug 09: The Companions of the Hall are reunited!

Aug 09: Medley of NDP songs by

Aug 08: Automated deck play testing service powered by Magarena’s AI. Submit your Magic: the Gathering decks and see how well it fares against other decks. Post your feedback/suggestions at or in this status update.

Although Magarena was started as a human vs AI desktop program, it evolved into a test bed for testing various AIs. We made it easy to run automated AI vs AI matches for the purpose of testing AI modifications, which is now used by Project Firemind to evaluate decks.

Aug 07:

Aug 04: Exciting new site for Magic: the Gathering deck designers coming up next week, it will automatically play test a submitted deck against other decks using Magarena’s AI vs AI play mode. Just tried out the site, looks really good for something this early.

Aug 04: France wins World Magic Cup! Last match was down to the wire against a 11/11 Olivia Voldaren from Hungary, won by a top deck Rakdos’s Return by France.

Aug 04: Baldur’s Gate: A 10 Year Retrospective by Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Bob Wallace at GDC Europe 2010

Aug 04: StarMade as Esports: Build ships in a 10x10x10 cube and fight it out in the Thunderdome! You know a game is going to succeed if people are having this much fun with an alpha build.

Aug 03: The future of StarMade as revealed by the devs in a community Q&A. More great things to come.

I’m particularly excited by this: “There is a plan for expending the AI system a lot, and also make it user programmable in a way that is easy to use.” - Schema, developer of StarMade

Aug 03: Team Singapore is number 2 seed in the top 32 teams for this years Magic: the Gathering World Magic Cup! Go Team Singapore!

Aug 02: Mark Rosewater talking about 20 years of M:TG in 20 minutes, one year per minute, live at World Magic Cup. Now at 1998.

Aug 02: Gonna try and slow blink cats that I meet next time via

Aug 02: The gamer mentality is essential for survival and for leveling up in virtual worlds. Conquering the quest and winning the battle is only one reason to game. The other is feeling the rush of the quest, the pure joy of the challenge, the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have beaten your own score.

But do these rules apply to life and business?

Face the challenge. Play to win. Because Life is Just a Game. – talk by Tan Min-Liang, Co-Founder & CEO of Razor at [email protected] 7:30pm 28th Aug Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

Register at

Jul 31:

Jul 31: Fan made trailer for Starmade with epic music via

Jul 31: Starts tomorrow, 1st Aug!

Jul 30: Metal is scarce, smiths are pricey, and plate mail is heavy. – flavor text on Ethereal Armor

Jul 30:

Jul 30: StarMade made it through Steam Greenlight! Preorder price of $3 will be raised to $6 on 1st Aug. Current alpha is free to play, no advantage to preorder except to support future development.

Jul 29: StarMade > Minecraft because it is more modular, individual game structures (ships/stations) can be shared. The docking mechanism allows one structure to connect to another, which lets you build crazy things like the following. via

Jul 27: July release of Magarena is out! Includes the work of seven contributors, the greatest so far in a single release. Many more abilities such as cascade, ninjutsu are now supported in the card script.

Jul 27: Cover of 黎明的心 in 我的朋友,我的同學,我愛過的一切

Jul 26: StarMade: Minecraft in space!

Jul 24: Nature never cease to amaze. The Hero shrew and its newly discovered cousin, Thor’s hero shrew, can hold the weight of a person on its back.

Jul 22: “Enterprise DevOps: Breaking Down the Barriers between Development and IT Operations” – Jez Humble’s talk at this Tuesday’s DevOps Singapore meetup

Jul 22: Pleasantly surprised this morning to see a new theme for Magarena,, made by a member of the community

Jul 21: Previews of Theros block

Jul 20: Continuing the series of new cards that will debut in Magarena 1.40 (July release) is “Emrakul, the Aeons Torn”, one of the largest creatures every printed.

“I believed in a beautiful god. But this is the true face of the divine.” —Ayli, Kamsa cleric

Jul 19:

Jul 18: Autobots, roll out! via

Jul 14: Groovying with Olivia Voldaren, progenitor of the Voldaren bloodline on Innistrad.

“I can make you dance to my tune like a puppet, your very blood eager to obey.” —Olivia Voldaren

Jul 13:

Jul 12: Splinter Twin is now implementable! Now left Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite, then we’ll see if the AI can invoke the combo on its own.

“I know just the person for that job.” – flavor text on Splinter Twin

Jul 12: “Are there actually Orange Juice Mages somewhere out there that we don’t know about?” – fan question

“Beware the Juicean citrusmancers, for they are masters of the rindless arts, thought to be the infamous acid-squirting assassins of the Segmented Realms.” – Doug Beyer, Magic: the Gathering creative designer

LOL – Me

Jul 12: Final push! Five more days. Hope we can make the NPC cycles stretch goal.

Jul 09:

Jul 07: “I’ve always dreamt of a game that emphasized exploration above all else.” – Lars Simkins

Jul 03: An example of flavorful top down card design in today’s M14 spoiler.

Jun 30: Card scripting with Groovy: Kodama of the South Tree. “The monks of the South Tree had always reveled beneath their kodama’s friendly gaze. During the Kami War, this gaze became fierce and full of hate.” —“Poem of the Five Trees”

Jun 30: Recordings of developer sessions from Rezzed 2013: The PC and Indie Games Show

Jun 30: June release (1.39) is out! Completed separation of card implementation from game engine code, all cards are implemented in Groovy and loaded dynamically on startup. Add new cards by putting card description and optional card code in Magarena/scripts folder, see for examples.

Jun 23: Adding new cards with Groovy: Oona, Queen of the Fae. Commemorating the largest GP in Magic’s history.

Jun 23: Largest M:TG GP in history live streaming from Las Vegas. Format: Modern Masters Limited

Jun 22: Adding new cards with Groovy: Death Mutation. A very expensive removal spell that is only useful if Saprolings are your thing.

Jun 16: You’ve seen the GPS tracking data and cat cams on, now catch the full documentary.

Jun 16: Adding new cards with Groovy Part 6: Representing additional costs with Goblin Grenade. “Don’t underestimate the aerodynamic qualities of the common goblin.” – flavor text on Goblin Grenade.

Jun 15: The secret life of domesticated free roaming cats. Turns out they actively try to avoid each other, but will go into other homes to raid the food.

Jun 14: Another great trailer from the JavaZone folks

Jun 11: Just updated uniqueness rule in Magarena, available end of June, to follow M14. Took the chance to clean up the handling of Planeswalkers uniqueness added during the Planeswalker code sprint. Now both Legendary and Planeswalker uniqueness use the same code structure.

Jun 09: Just completed Tiny and Big from the recent Humble Bundle. Recommended if you like physics based puzzles. Slicing a big chunk of rock into two is so satisfying.

Jun 09: AuthentiCat, web comic about a cat who has advice on Authentication and Data Encryption.

Jun 09: PA’s new trailer showing alpha gameplay footage

Jun 09: Ambassador Chan Heng Chee’s [email protected] session is now online. First [email protected] I attended, highly recommended!

Jun 08: How to generate puzzles without unwanted shortcuts?

Jun 08: Turn-based RPG on the web! Stuck on the second quest…

Jun 08: Look out for Voice of Resurgence in the June release of Magarena.

Jun 04: “A devout cat lives at a fourteen hundred year old museum Hagia Sophia in Turkey, guarding and preserving its religious and cultural history every single day. His name is Gli.”

Jun 04: Join us at SmartSpace Singapore Event Space tomorrow for DevOps SG Meet up #12

Jun 01: I’m guessing this is a review of the game in German. Any German speaking friends can help me translate this into English?

Jun 01: imbiggy plays Magarena, thought he doesn’t mention it much except at the very start of the video.

Jun 01: Subhas Anandan at [email protected]: Access to Counsel & Right to Silence

May 31: via

May 30: Catch up with fellow SoC alumni at this year’s homecoming.

May 25: Magarena May release (1.38) by the numbers: 119 new cards, 9 bug fixes, 8 new decks, 2 card script improvements

May 25: “I always thought it would be about the prestige, the satisfaction, and the glory. I was wrong. It was about the people.” – Craig Wescoe

May 24:

May 24: Level headed analysis of the new Legend/Planeswalker rule.

May 23: The NYU Game Center’s annual PRACTICE conference asks the question, “What is the practice of game design?”.

May 22: TIL that John Conway proved a theorem about free will, via He gave six lectures on this result at Princeton’s McDonnell Hall. Video/audio are available from

May 22: Beyond the announcement: Behind the Scenes of Xbox One on GT.TV

May 21: Flickr (free 1TB storage) + flickrfs = new photo backup mechanism

May 19: A touching story of overcoming loss with love.

May 18: Live coverage of Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze. Current match: Stanislav Cifka vs Melissa DeTora

May 16: Card scripting in Magarena with Groovy, Post 4: Knight of the Skyward Eye

May 16: Target kitteh gets +7/+7 and gains trample until end of turn. It must be blocked this turn if able.

May 15: Card scripting in Magarena with Groovy, Post 3: Rotlung Reanimator. Implementing triggered abilities.

May 15: First positive article I’ve read that supports the change in Sliver art. Personally, I find the change to be too drastic.

May 14: Card scripting in Magarena with Groovy, Post 2: Scornful Æther-Lich

May 14: Possible breakthrough in proving the twin primes conjecture, i.e. there are infinite primes p, q where p - q = 2. Yitang Zhang proved that there are infinite primes p, q where p - q < 70 million.

May 13: Card scripting in Magarena with Groovy, Post 1: Reckless One and Soulless One

May 13: Eric Schmidt interviews Sheryl Sandberg on her new book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” for the Revolutionaries series, via

May 12: via

May 11: New Sliver meets original Sliver, hilarity ensues.

May 08: For fellow stand up while working folks. “Do shoulder rolls” applies to me as I tend to lean forward too much.

May 07: Slivers are back in M14!

May 04: Mini documentary on the M:TG scene in Singapore

May 04: Dawkins at a lost for words in the first 10s of the trailer.

May 04:

May 02: Go board with awesome physics, only on iPad 2/3/4 though :( @[704185456:2048:Junda Ong] you should check it out, so I try it on your ipad :)

Apr 30: Starbound hits $1M in preorders! Starter pets stretch goal achieved.

Apr 30: Awesome use of Computer Vision techniques

Apr 28: “Many cats get to run the store or restaurant alongside their humans.”

Apr 27: April release is now available. Main new feature is an honest Monte Carlo Tree Search AI. A comprehensive evaluation of all the AIs is completed and the results are presented at

Apr 22: Learning Go from

Apr 22:

Apr 21: Starbound pre-orders pushing towards $1M and third stretch goal. Anyone interested to share in a basic 4-pack ($45 for 4) ?

Apr 16:

Apr 16: Inside the Game Designer’s Studio - Jordan Mechner

Apr 14: The Saturday Papers, new weekly column that highlights a cool paper from or related to videogame development. This week’s column is on procedural generation of player abilities in role playing games.

Apr 14: Never knew rating players in a two player game is such a fascinating subject, there is Elo, Glicko, TrueSkill, Bayeselo, Decayed history, WHR. Thankful for the ruby gem implementation of WHR, using it to rank MTG AIs in Magarena.

Apr 09: We’re revamping our referral program.

Apr 06: Steven K. Roberts, the original technomad, speaking at the Computer History Museum.

Apr 02:

Mar 29: The “Planeswalker” release is out! This is the first release that includes Planeswalker cards, there are 13 of them. Wonder how they are implemented? Check in the Magarena/scripts folder.

Mar 29: “Congratulations, Ron. I think you did it, I think this one’s actually gonna work” – Leonard Adleman to Ron Rivest

Mar 29: I remember sometime ago when Amazon stopped Goodreads from getting from book data from them and I had to key in the metadata for a book manually.

Mar 29:

Mar 28: Starsector’s new trailer. Alpha version available for preorder.

Mar 27: Funny bug in Duels of the Planeswalker 2013 (via reddit/r/magicTCG). AI playing Ajani Goldmane (a Nacatl in the story, cat like race) casts White Sun’s Zenith with X = 100 and summons 100 2/2 white Cat creatures into play, apparently without using any mana at all.

Mar 27:

Mar 27:

Mar 24: The invention of public key cryptography.

Mar 24: The story of DES revealed.

Mar 23: Live stream from PAX East, Boston. Boston time = Singapore time - 12hrs. Schedule

Mar 15: Win $15,000 writing games for cats! Sounds fun.

Mar 15: Vampire Nighthawk Kitteh. Original at

Mar 13: “Joshua Kerievsky invites developers to start thinking as entrepreneurs, writing code that is “good enough” for the purpose it is supposed to serve rather than write elaborate code that is beautiful.” – QCon 2011

Mar 12: Cats + M:TG = Awesome!

Mar 10: Grumpy cat takes photos with fans at SXSW.

Mar 09: Fixed time minimax, an alternative to iterative deepening. Idea: parameterize minimax with ending time, t_end, instead of max depth. If now > t_end, return score. Else expand current node, let t_left = t_end - now. Suppose n has c children, recursive explore the children with minimax setting t_end to now + t_left/c.

This idea came to be a couple of day ago but I can’t seem to find any related work. Has anyone read something similar to this?

Mar 06: Planescape: Torment remains one of my favorite CRPG game of all time because of the great story and how your choices influence the game. Just backed their new project, hope they can live up to the expectations in the new game.

Mar 04: TIL that /etc/hosts file can be used to test a DNS change

Feb 24: Very productive 4 hour hackathon at this afternoon. No Internet + well defined task is a wonderful combination. Managed to implement Garruk, Primal Hunter and supporting rules, first of the planeswalkers to make an appearance in

Feb 23: Feb release is out! Featuring 8 out of the 10 guild mechanics from Return to Ravnica block. March release will feature Planeswalkers with a twist. Plan is to work on Planeswalker support during Hack&Roll tomorrow.

Feb 16: Just added a legacy classic to Magarena, Force of Will. First time such cards are scriptable as the engine now supports multiple ways of casting cards from hand.

Feb 12: Talks from DICE 2013. Currently watching “A Conversation About The Future of The RPG Genre” by Ray Muzyka and Feargus Urquhart @

Feb 09: Met up with Brian,, from finexis on recommendation of Choong Yee. Learnt about Rule of 72 or more accurately Rule of ln(2) * 100

Jan 26: Jan 2013 release of Magarena is out! Adds support for Groovy scripting of cards. Full power of the game engine is now available to card scripters. No longer necessary to recompile from source to add card specific code, just drop the .groovy file into the scripts folder.

Jan 25: Brian Kernighan talks about “Elements of Programming Style”

Jan 03:

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