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Dec 30: This is the last release of Magarena for 2012. Enjoy the 217 new cards and bug fixes. See you in 2013 for the January release!

Dec 18: Atomic Creep Spawner - spawn minions to stop the hero from rampaging in your dungeon! Includes making of Atomic Creep Spawner timelapse video.

Dec 17: Android/PC game where the levels and special ability are designed by AI. Interesting experiment, wonder how all the feedback will improve the system.

Dec 14: Need your own business number? Check out Hoiio Direct Line.

Dec 08: setting up a job on buildhive is really simple,

Dec 06: The wonders of the Internet. Watch kittens live! :)

Dec 01:

Dec 01: Magarena 1.32 released. I’m considering this as the November release since it is still November somewhere in the world. The most exciting development in this release is the rules text parser based on Parsing Expression Grammar @ The current grammar is able to parse 49.7% of all rules text.

Nov 25: Decided to take the plunge and upgrade to MetaARPA membership on The service is amazing, my account is updated almost immediately, even though the description to the sysad is just a description on the paypal donation which was manually filled in. For folks who miss ol’ sunfire, consider getting a lifetime account on ($36USD one time payment). If you need more compute power and storage, the MetaARPA membership ($36USD annual) provides access to a Linux compute cluster, similar to tembusu.

Oct 31: “Not quite this kind of entanglement.”

Oct 31: On the 31st October, we bring you Magarena 1.31. This release includes 131 cards, bug fixes, and improvements to the card script. Includes contributions from melvin, a. benedict balbuena, kdesmond, and Erkcan Özcan.

Oct 28: Writing a parser is addictive and tiring. Parsing Expression Grammars make it so easy.

Oct 19: Behind the scenes look at the development of Hoiio’s web apps

Oct 13: Slides of talk presented at NUS Hackers’ Friday Hacks yesterday. First time using a combination of intro slides + live drawing for the technical portion, worked really well. Drawings were later scanned and added to the back of the slides.

Sep 22: Linux support from the get go via Unity! Now a proud backer of this awesome project.

Sep 19: Hoiio Main Line featured on today’s Digital Life :)

Sep 19: Humble Indie Bundle 6 is out!

Sep 18: Thanks for the furniture upgrade Ong Kok Choong

Sep 15: The “joy” of APIs ;-)

Sep 14: Exactly how I felt after reading the abstract.

Aug 26: I saw a rare interview with Neil recently at Really surprised to hear that he has passed away. Rest in peace, commander Armstrong.

Aug 25: The August release is upon us. This release adds 41 premade decks and 228 cards, most of which were contributed by community members. Thanks to all who submitted card scripts.

Aug 22: A new Hoiio service for those who have to deal with fax.

Aug 20: Had my first sanctioned tournament game at CMG:BW today, format was Standard Pauper. Wasn’t expecting to play but last minute decided to join for the heck of it. Didn’t win any games, but learned a lot and had fun in the games. I still prefer digital cards to real ones, but I kept the Moonsilver Spear promo as a memento of the event.

Aug 17: Love that they got the voice actor from the original TA.

Aug 17: Awesome hack by SoC students and alumni!

Aug 07: Brought a tear to my eye. Congrats to the folks at JPL!

Aug 06: First Hoiio app built on our public Hoiio API.

Jul 29: July release of Magarena is out! New decks and cards all contributed by the community.

Jul 10: Emoticats

Jul 01: Magarena 1.27 - This release adds three premade decks, 157 new cards, and improvements to the card script.

Jun 23: watching the Turing Centenary webcast on brand new Samsung 23” HD monitor. Nice :)

Jun 21: is at CommunicAsia, MBS Basement 2, IDA booth

Jun 16: Geekcamp.SG is back on 18th Aug! This year’s theme is bring a youngling to GeekcampSG. Younglings, please go register :) where youngling := geek ∈ school

Jun 12: Listen to what the seven year olds have to say about programming in Python on the Raspberry Pi.

May 26:

May 20:

May 07:

Apr 29: Magarena 1.25 released! Twelve releases since the launch of the site (May 2011 till now). No new cards this release, but do check out our card script @ and try scripting some cards.

Apr 26:

Apr 21: Just came back from CITCON Asia 2012 Singapore. My first unconference, great attendees, talks, and discussions.

Apr 20: Hoiio API launches in US and Hoiio Live demo at DEMO Spring 2012

Apr 19: using selfspy, a personal analytics tool.

Apr 12: Go check it out!

Apr 11: Vim: From Essentials to Mastery from Strange Loop 2011

Apr 05: Those of you who have technical presentation coming up, eg FYP presentation, do attend Terence’s talk to pick up some good tips/tricks.

Mar 31: Just push out the March release of Magarena, a game that lets you play Magic: the Gathering against a competent AI. This release adds support for mulligan, handling of last known information, 153 new cards and 2 new custom decks.

Mar 29: Finally, a single page for all the games you’ve bought via The Humble Indie Bundle.

Mar 21:

Mar 20: New app for phonebook management from Hoiio available in iOS app store and on the web. Android version coming soon.

Mar 15:

Mar 14: “A healthy product company is, confusingly, one at odds with itself. There is a healthy part which is attempting to normalize and to create predictability, and there needs to be another part that is tasked with building something new that is going to disrupt and eventually destroy that normality.”

Mar 13: Free/Open Source software (FOSS) needs your help! If you regularly make use of FOSS, do consider contributing back to the community.

Mar 12: Kara, beyond the uncanny valley?

Mar 06: Pixi, by two DigiPen Singapore students, is a IGF Student Showcase Finalist

Mar 05: RMS is coming to Singapore! He will be speaking at NUS on 13 and 14 March.

Mar 03: Hoiio API wins top award at DEMO Asia 2012!

Mar 01: Most promising pitch: Hoiio API, :)

Feb 29: CITCON Asia 2012 will be held in Singapore from April 20 to 21. Cost is free, limited to first 125 attendees. Anyone interested in attending?

Feb 25: Just released Magarena 1.23. This is the tenth monthly release of Magarena since we started on the new project site. We are now building releases using CloudBee’s [email protected] platform,

Feb 14:

Feb 13: Code in production, blog post published :)

Feb 07:

Jan 26:

Jan 25: “The outstanding feature of Magarena is that the AI is as smart as a human opponent.” – mtgrares, creator of Forge, one of the earliest program for playing M:TG against the computer

Jan 10: Happy 74th bday, Don! May you have many more productive years ahead so that we’ll get to read TAOCP Vol 4 soon. You can catch an interview with Don where he talks about his life and work in the attached link – via

Jan 06: The giant panda remains a mystery to us…

Jan 05: Epic jump.

Jan 03: Looks like the launch date will be in Feb, hope there will be no more delays. In the mean time, here is a nice article summarizing the development of the raspberry pi.

Jan 02: “The last 20 years of Internet policy have been dominated by the copyright war, but the war turns out only to have been a skirmish. The coming century will be dominated by war against the general purpose computer, and the stakes are the freedom, fortune and privacy of the entire human race.” –

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