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Dec 28: What if your web server returns HTTP status cats?

Dec 26: Just released Magarena 1.21. 2011 has been a great year for Magarena, we’ve made one release on the last week of every month since May. May Magarena continue to evolve and grow in 2012. Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year.

Dec 18: Hoiio Wave is one of the top 5 teams at 48Hacks! Extremely proud to be a member of Team [email protected] My first public voice over work, accomplished one of my childhood dreams :) Bonus qn: can you spot my cameo appearance in the video?

Dec 08: Started using Makeheaders to keep those *.h files in sync with the code. Yet another great tool by @[137902082898061:274:D. Richard Hipp].

Dec 07:

Dec 04: Evidence based software development by Greg Wilson. Recording of the talk at

Dec 01: First day at work. Great colleagues and exciting projects. Looking forward to becoming part of a fantastic team.

Nov 26: Monthly release of Magarena 1.20b. 1.20 was released yesterday but had to be retracted due to a critical bug discovered by some early users.

Lesson learnt: When programming is more fun than playing, bad things happen :(

Nov 24: Humorous take on the history of the English language.

Nov 17: Don’t think I’ll be playing Skyrim, but as a developer it is really funny seeing some of the “unexpected” interactions in the game.

Nov 15: watching, awesome panel.

Nov 15: Not exactly a new book (published in 2008) but definitely a great read. Leading edge brain science as it applies to everyday situation explained in a clear and engaging fashion.

Nov 06: Magarena added to Linux Games Database!

Nov 04: “Yes, the crew can survive the inevitable isolation that is for a mission to Mars and back. Psychologically, we can do it.” – Patrik Sundblad, the human life sciences specialist at the ESA. Life broadcast of the opening of the capsule will be shown at around 6:10pm Singapore time.

Nov 03: Happy birthday, Vim :D

Oct 29: Released 1.19 at NUS Hackers Friday Hacks #7. Lots of bug fixes, 541!! new cards based on several new mechanics, and an enchanced minimax AI. Enjoy the Halloween weekend playing Magarena with plenty of cards from the Innistrad set :)

Oct 27: Need help testing installation of zipped app bundle on Mac. If you have access to a Mac, try installing the application from and launching the app. Just want to know if the program can be installed and run.

Oct 25:

Oct 17: Some good advice on overcoming procrastination

Oct 08: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Oct 02: Know your algorithms!

Sep 27: Helping a friend look for PHP programmers, here is the blurb.

Looking for good reliable PHP Programmers to join as potential early employees in a prospective startup that uses PHP on CodeIgnitor to aggregate social media links and facilitate online interactions and collaborations.

Knowledge of CodeIgnitor framework preferred. Able to offer some monthly allowance but with prospect to join as early employee with stock options as we achieve milestones. Interested, please look for Wilson at 9023-1352. Email: [email protected]

Sep 23: A new release of Magarena in time for Innistrad Prerelease tomorrow. A record number of changesets went into this releases, kudos to all the amazing developers on the project.

Jun 21: “The film follows the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create their games, and as they release those works, and themselves, to the world.”

Jun 21: New version released with new cards and improvements! Contributors: @[660405285:2048:Rachel Ng Li Ying] and @[1589014578:2048:Melvin Zhang]

Jun 20: Multilingual cat

Jun 07: great talent, amazing perseverance

Jun 03: Cephalopods: Molluscs in Disguise

May 28: My first open source software release! Please help me to find bugs :)

May 27: The secret lives of outdoor Cats revealed…

May 25: Standing desk v2 with a lot less books and separate monitor stand.

May 25: The one card to appear in all of Magic’s core sets is …

May 25: Big space battles with great pixel art! Still in alpha but you can buy now for 10USD, half the price of the final version.

May 19: Developers wanted! If you play Magic: The Gathering, know how to program in Java, and want to contribute to an open source project, let me know.

May 19: my DIY standing desk, thanks to Nam Ninh and Phi Vu for helping me set it up

May 11: is back in SG, finally has decent internet access

Mar 25: Past vs Present Games day is back! Calling all Swiss Alumni to join us for a day of fun at SCSS (badminton, basketball, floorball, soccer) and CDANS (bowling).

Feb 16: For every download of the new Home mv, ComChest gets a $1 donation!

Feb 15: Home, the theme song for Total Defence 2011, sang by 39 local singers.

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