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FB posts 2010

Dec 15: The second Humble Indie Bundle out in time for Christmas.

Aug 08: is attending Keat Hong Chinese [email protected] concert hall at 3pm. Anyone else wants to go and support Yi Jia?

Jul 26: Nice web app for planning your module timetable

Jun 30: “We are the World” produced from an ensemble of YouTube videos.

Jun 26: Oscar, the world’s first bionic cat!

Jun 25: Ni no Kuni: The Another World (PS3 & DS) from game developer Level 5 and Studio Ghibli. The in-game graphics looks just like a Studio Ghibli film! via

Jun 17: Indie games galore!

Jun 16: Chess game played with detailed lego robots, checkout the details on the pieces (~3:50)

Jun 10: Simple solutions to complex problems

May 30: Move over PuTTY, here comes KiTTY

May 29: Are more expensive running shoes necessarily better than cheap ones? The answer will surprise you.

May 05: Support indie games!

May 04: Beautiful paper art. Possible inspiration for RnF?

May 03: hmm, maybe I should find a way to work on my laptop standing up …

Apr 29: Linux/Windows software to reduce CPU energy consumption, thereby extending battery life and reducing your carbon footprint

Apr 28:

Apr 27: The beginning of genetics…

Apr 26: A tour of the Blizzard campus

Apr 23: If P and NP could talk …

Apr 23: Noooo!! Ran out of disk space :(

Apr 23: has finally found a good use for SoC’s compute cluster. Now running a all vs all comparison between human and mouse genes consisting of ~46000 jobs. About 10% of the way done.

Apr 17: finished watching Temple Grandin, a semi-biographical HBO film. This is a back to basics film, where human emotion and story telling takes center stage. Highly recommended.

Apr 17: Hunting cat collapses in disappointment

Apr 13: Bunny monster and bunnies singing “Stand by Me”

Apr 11: finally got my Huarache running sandal kit that I ordered from and made my first pair of Huarache. Can’t wait to try them out later.

Mar 12: The voice actors behind the Transformers movie. Peter Cullen is the original voice of Optimus Prime in the original Transformers series.

Mar 10: Think you need good running shoes to run? Not according to this study.

Feb 16: Remake of “We are the World”

Feb 15: prefers to think of it as the Year of the Cat :)

Jan 20: is putting the final touches to the slides for my talk at APBC

Jan 18: is in Bangalore for APBC 2010 till 22nd Jan

Jan 12: just watched “Just for Laughs” Singapore edition. Super funny, especially the gag where a “baby” shoots out of a pram.

Jan 05: Human see, human feels. The magic of mirror neurons.

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