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FB posts 2009

Dec 25: Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the holidays.

Dec 19: One of my favourite songs (White Christmas) performed by the Difters with animation in flash. I can’t seem to find the orignal flash version so I’ve attached a youtube clip.

Dec 12: What NOT to do in the cinema, ultraman style

Dec 07: Cute little hedgehog

Nov 12: : All of you who have experienced a null pointer exception, now you know who to blame.

Nov 06: UT3 engine free for noncommercial and educational use!

Nov 02: is touched by all the birthday wishes. Thanks folks.

Oct 31: P=NP? in plain English

Oct 24: A completely digital human face shown at TEDxUSC

Oct 24: A layman’s introduction to cutting edge cryptography research done at IBM

Oct 22: is enjoying the end of 3+ weeks of non-stop action.

Oct 21: is at BINUS university in Jakarta surfing the net while the our two teams participate in ICPC regionals. Live scoreboard at

Oct 17: IntelliJ goes open source!

Sep 22: KTV was fun! Thanks Jess for organizing. Now back to work preparing for tomorrow’s career talk.

Sep 19: How science changes our opinion of what is good for us again and again.

Sep 05: played bowling, badminton and had buffet with secondary school students at the second Swiss Cottage Past vs Present Games. Had lots of fun :)

Sep 01: went to change his GIRO EZ-link card today but was told that the GIRO cannot be canceled as the card was topped up yesterday :( Have to go back after 3 days…

Sep 01: Depression evolved to help us solve complex problems!

Aug 28: Sticks and carrots lead to worse performance on non-trivial problems. Intrinsic motivations (autonomy, mastery, and purpose) are the key driving force.

Aug 27: TV broke down, the house is really quiet now

Aug 26: A presentation on how to produce low defect software, from the creators of sqlite

Aug 22: An insightful presentation on how to make connections with others.

Aug 15: congratulates Singapore IOI 2009 team for taking home two silver and two bronze medals. Good job everyone!

Aug 15: just attended Swiss Teachers’ Day cum Alumni dinner. They had “Don’t forget the lyrics: NDP songs”, but I didn’t get to play… Rock on Swiss!

Aug 07: vote for FREEZE_SoC2 at !

Jun 28: just watched Transformers 2. CGI is impressive, story is a little crappy.

Jun 02: is in Shanghai till 2nd Aug.

Apr 30: ‘Algorithms: Tiny but Powerful, and we can’t live without them’ by Prof. Richard Lipton. Free public lecture, registration required.

Apr 18: Great tool to combat bad site design.

Apr 15: Flash platformer/adventure game with absolutely staggering production values and art.

Feb 20: is glad ICT is over

Feb 19: is one day away from end of ICT

Feb 15: is packing his field pack for ICT

Feb 12: just screwed up his sunfire home dir using rsync –delete, saved by backup

Feb 09: made it through a tough presentation

Jan 26: wishes everyone a prosperous Lunear New Year

Jan 24: An impressive Naruto TC for Little Figher 2

Jan 07: Cool physics based flash game

Jan 05: Another reason why dealing with dates is a pain

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